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Founder’s Message

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A Message From Our Founder

You. Me. We’re facilitators. Our primary role is to make a difference for others.

To make that difference, we give generously of ourselves. We share our experience, our expertise, our talents, our perspectives – offering up our gifts. We also show humility. We share our failures, our weaknesses, our vulnerabilities – offering up our imperfections.

There’s a secret to being truly exceptional in our work as facilitators. It’s not how skillful or knowledgeable or technically savvy we are. Although these qualifications are necessary, they’re not sufficient. To be truly extraordinary, we have to know ourselves really, really well.

Looking back, my path as a facilitator has stretched out over more than 20 years. Through my work – all the people I’ve met, all the places I’ve travelled – I see a reflection of who I am and what I value. Examined more closely, I see a pattern repeating itself. It’s the unique imprint, no matter how permanent, that I’ve left behind.

Moe, in foreground, observes participants in a workshop.

Always, I err on the side of optimism. I’m a dreamer to a fault. My inner Superhero longs to inspire and help others discover new possibilities for themselves. And as a learner, I’m an apprentice. I like to work at things and see improvement. My inner Drill Sergeant is always standing by, ready to set up an exercise and call out instructions to get everyone working on an activity.

The patterns also teach me how too much of one thing, and a lack of another, often make me less effective. I’ve been a stubbornly optimistic Superhero – dismissed for wearing rose coloured glasses. My overbearing Drill Sergeant has suffered a well-deserved number of revolts. And the Jester, my most challenging persona, can still be elusive right in the moment when I need it most.

Over the years. I’ve benefited enormously from discovering new insights into my facilitation style. And, as you take your next steps on the path to mastery, my sincere wish is that the same is true for you.

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