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The Five Personas Benchmark™ Assessment

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The Five Personas™ Benchmark Assessment

Discover Your Facilitation Style

The Five Personas Benchmark™ Assessment is an online competency-based tool built from internationally recognized standards of excellence in facilitation.

Exploring five distinct archetypes – The Sensei, The Drill Sergeant, The Superhero, The Confidant, and The Jester – participants gain invaluable insights into their facilitation style.

A masterful facilitator knows how to harness the strengths of each persona, creating dynamic and impactful sessions. However, over reliance on one persona or neglecting others can diminish impact, risking alienating audience members altogether.

This assessment provides participants with personalized feedback, concrete recommendations, and a deeper understanding of their unique blend of personas.

Most importantly, it offers an objective assessment of strengths and weaknesses, empowering individuals to build their own action plans for growth and improvement.

Are you ready to adapt your approach and deliver transformative sessions?

Icons of the Five Personas.

Each persona serves a purpose

They combine to deliver a powerful experience for participants.


The Five Personas Benchmark™ assessment is ideal for:

  • Trainers, instructors, facilitators seeking to advance their facilitation skills.
  • Individuals committed to personal and professional growth through self-awareness and skill development.
  • Training teams looking to level-up their facilitation skills and leverage the complementary strengths and styles of their team as a whole.
  • Training leaders dedicated to fostering a culture of continuous learning and seeking innovative professional development opportunities for their teams…

Unsure if the assessment is right for you?

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Accessing the assessment

Explore the Five Personas Benchmark™ assessment and it’s structure:

Sample profile creation.

The Portal

After gaining entry to the Five Personas Benchmark™, users sign in and create their profile.

Sample of questions in the Five Personas assessment.

The Assessment

Within the assessment, users rate themselves on a set of action and attitude statements to identify their natural strengths and areas for improvement.

Sample results from the Five Personas assessment.

The Scoring Report

Upon completion of the assessment, valuable insights are delivered in a personalized report for immediate download. Detailed scores measure attitudes (mindset, beliefs) and actions (behaviours, skills) that relate to each of the personas.

Ready to Uncover Your Personas?


Five Personas™ Benchmark Assessment Pricing & Packages

Choose from three different delivery options tailored to suit both individual and team needs.

Individual Development


Make an investment in yourself. This is the right option if you’re an individual trainer, facilitator, coach or consultant looking for deeper insights into your facilitation practice.

Includes access to:

  • Online assessment portal
  • Five Personas Benchmark™ Assessment tool
  • Downloadable scoring report

Training Delivery Teams

Custom Quote

Inspire a group of facilitators. Raise your collective game. If you’re looking to make a one-time investment in your training team, this is it.

Includes access to:

  • Online assessment portal
  • Five Personas Benchmark™ Assessment tool
  • Downloadable scoring report
  • Discounts available for volume orders

Corporate Solutions

Custom Quote

Strengthen core competencies across multiple teams. Contact us for corporate assessments if raising the bar for facilitation skills is a strategic focus for your organization.

Includes access to:

  • Online assessment portal
  • Five Personas Benchmark™ Assessment tool
  • Downloadable scoring report
  • Discounts available for ongoing assessments

Not ready to go it alone?

Consider bundling the Five Personas Benchmark™ Assessment with Coaching or Team Workshops.

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